It’s not always racism, sometimes folks are just foul

28 Apr

Past week its been interesting up here in Maine. Last week this story broke, and then this story happened over the past weekend. In both these stories its a situation that at one point in time, I may have jumped to the defense of the Black folks because the white folks must be wrong. Yet as I get older I find myself looking at both sides of a story before I start placing judgement.

Maine being a small place, it turns out that several of the fellows who claim they were discriminated against actually were students of mine back in 2007 when I was teaching. I remember them well because they were some of the only students that almost got cussed out by me. These young brothers had chips on their shoulders and  were blatantly disrespectful, to the point they almost failed out but in a fit of craziness I passed these jokers with a D and they were able to graduate.

So based off my experience, I am not saying they were not the victims of racism but knowing what I know, I am suspect.

In the second story, David Okot, was out in Maine’s largest city, allegedly intoxicated and waving a gun….um, no where in America is a drunk Black man waving a gun a good idea. Shit, that’s what you do if you got a death wish…look the po-po takes folks waving guns rather seriously. Just last month in the town next to mine a white woman was shot and killed because she was outside waving a gun, cops told her to put the gun down instead she continued and moved closer to the cops, so they shot her. If white women waving guns in Maine can get shot and killed, let’s be real…you know Black folks doing the same can also expect to be killed as well.

So Okot was shot and killed and folks are on the local news saying he was a good guy, um….hold up, seems the man had an extensive police record and a tendency to engage in the antics that may have lead to his life coming to a sudden end. By the way the photos I have seen of brotha-man did not make me think nice guy, made me think he was a wanna be gangster and we all know what happens to gangsters.

There are those who are concerned that there is an uptick in racism here in Maine, truthfully I don’t know. I have lived here 7 years and generally find the natives to be cool. Yeah, there are some assholes but generally its a live and let live place. However, I can see if you come here intent on being a troublemaker that you might have trouble.

In 2009 though we have to move the racism discussions further along and realize that not all bad things that happen to be folks of color is because of racism. Sometimes folks are just foul and karma pays their asses back in a big fat way.

7 Responses to “It’s not always racism, sometimes folks are just foul”

  1. Lorraine April 28, 2009 at 5:34 pm #

    You are absolutely correct in your assessment. I used to jump on that racism bandwagon, but started thinking, what did folks do to deserve or ugh expect their demise? As a former court officer, I have locked up many minorities who actually committed the crimes. I never allowed any racism defense to cloud my judgment — especially when the perpetrators made choices to do what they did.

    That doesn’t mean there is no injustice, innocent people locked up for years, and that racism doesn’t play a part in some sentencing; but racsim is not a blanket label to get all black kids and adults off or out of trouble they find themselves in with the law. Only after years in prison do some of them take responsibility and admit that they are the only reasons for their fate.

    So what you are witnessing there is carbon copy of every major and small towns and cities across America. Have Jesse and Al made it up there yet? Just wondering.

  2. BlackWomenBlowTheTrumpet April 29, 2009 at 4:15 pm #

    Hey Shay,

    I agree with you.

    I have encountered PLENTY of our people who got exactly what was coming to them…

    Oscar Grant in Oakland was fighting on the train…therefore, the police had a RIGHT to expect that they would be dealing with violent suspects. They showed up ready and willing to shoot. (Would they have done so if the suspects were preppy white boys from Oxford who were drunk and fighting? Probably not.)


    If a thug gets on a train and gets in a fight, he should KNOW that if the po-po steps in, he may go home in a body bag. I am not saying that’s right but I am saying that those who wanna be gangstas better know that it’s NOT a choice that generally works out well for them when the po-po shows up after they have misbehaved…

  3. gunite April 30, 2009 at 1:26 pm #

    This comment is about David Okot. FYI, no one deserves “multiple”….what was it 8?? or 15?? bullets in the chest!!!!!!! No one has the right to take another persons’ life, and officers are suppose to protect people, not kill people and cause sufferings to the many people that have been affected by this tragedy. David never threaten any officers nor others. He was hanging out on the porch when they shot him. Few feet away from where they shot him. There was many ways and possibilities to take him down, officers could have aimed at his arm, hand, leg?? Why 8 times on the Chest???????????? His past his past history doesn’t justify his killing. We know that authorities are trying to cover their tracks but we demand answers!! They won’t get away with it!!… Oh ya, although they could because the killers are being judged/investigated by their own guys??

    To that teacher that claims to have taught some of these kids, it’s too bad and sad we go so called “educators” like you…which is part of the reason some of our kids are ending up in situations like this.

    • juandos May 13, 2009 at 6:43 am #

      Oh! Oh! We have dose of barking moonbat here: “FYI, no one deserves “multiple”….what was it 8?? or 15?? bullets in the chest!!!!!!! No one has the right to take another persons’ life, and officers are suppose to protect people, not kill people and cause sufferings to the many people that have been affected by this tragedy“…

      Ahhh, says who besides you?

      How’s your grip on reality? If this posting is any indication your grip is tenuous at best…

  4. blackgirlinmaine April 30, 2009 at 5:59 pm #

    Gunite, if what you are saying is what actually happened then that story needs to get out to the public. I have been following this story since it broke and it reads much differently that what you described.

    I come a family of law enforcement officers and have had several officers as close friends including one in Maine. Sadly they are not instructed to shoot at arms or legs for a number of reasons as its been explained to me.

    My commentary on the storty is based off what is being covered by the local media, again if he was just on the porch minding his business, then I will be the first one to say a horrible injustice has been committed.

  5. politicallyincorrect April 30, 2009 at 10:34 pm #

    They got these gangsta thugs in Maine too, where aren’t these fools in America so I can move there

  6. Blackgirlinmaine's Spousal Unit May 1, 2009 at 10:21 am #

    Normally, gunite, I don’t leap in here to defend my wife, but a few things.

    There’s no need to slam her teaching or blame her for how these guys turned out who are now claiming discriminaton. My wife taught them AS ADULTS. They were showing attitude and disrespect in a program designed to put them on a solid career track. They were not children or teens, and my wife did nothing to deserve their disregard for her. They didn’t take the classes seriously, so I doubt they took their jobs seriously, and thus they got fired.

    As for David Okot, I sincerely doubt he was shot 8 to 15 times in the chest. I could turn out to be wrong, but that kind of stuff doesn’t stay hidden. You cannot have autopsies and investigations and cover up a load of bullet holes like that. Had they shot him that many times, I suspect they simply would have made up a story to explain why it was necessary to shoot so much.

    There could be cover ups and lies, but nothing I’ve yet seen indicates Okot was just lounging around being harmless.

    And yes, past behavior DOES matter. A man with a long record of run-ins with the police is not someone you approach with a casual attitude, unless you want to die yourself. And police who try to wound a gun-wielding person who is agitated are police who end up dead. Do you know how hard it is to hit an arm or a leg?

    And it isn’t just themselves they have to protect. A guy starts firing a gun, and innocents bystanders could be killed. So, they were likely doing their jobs.

    Not saying they did everything right. Who can know for sure. And police do go off on minorities and immigrants at times. But this doesn’t sound like one of those times. Hell, a white woman got shot in this state for waving around a gun at police.

    Okot shouldn’t have had a gun on him in the first place, and since he did, he should have got on the damn ground when police showed up and then told them where it was. He might still be alive today if he had. And then maybe him or his family could be suing the police for mistreatment, instead of blaming them for something Okot is probably fully responsible for.

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