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By Golly..he makes sense

31 Mar

Last night much to my husband’s horror when we made our weekly family trip to the library, I checked out Glen Beck’s Arguing with Idiots. Now I imagine some of you are wondering whatever would make you do such a thing? I know…its Glen Beck…but I have to say I was curious, after all a fair number of our fellow country folks really seem to like him.

So before bed last night I set out to read his book and I must say he makes sense….if you don’t dig too deep to realize he drops a smidge of truth with a whole lot of exaggeration. After all on page 3  he talks about how a minimum wage worker in America is still one of the wealthiest people in the world. That may true when you look at that minimum wage worked compared to some guy earning less than $2 a day in a third world country, living in substandard housing praying he doesn’t get sick when he drinks the fucking water.

Problem is, that is comparing apples to oranges and some things should just not be compared. After all our American minimum wage worker often must pay for shelter, utilities, food and childcare…hell, I haven’t even mentioned how that worker is getting to and from work. Unless the job is in walking distance from his house presumably this worker must pay to ride public transportation or pay the costs associated with maintaining a car. Let’s not even talk about the fact this worker might want to occasionally get a physical and maintain his teeth, chances are that minimum wage job offers no healthcare benefits and if it does unless they are completely free, he most likely can’t afford them.

Again let us compare that to my buddy in the 3rd world country who lives in a shanty or hut, still has extended family nearby that watches the kids and again you can quickly see, there is no fair comparison. At the end of the day both these folks have a fucked up life and that minimum wage working American most certainly does not see himself as wealthy when he can’t even get his teeth cleaned or buy fresh fruit and veggies because he doesn’t earn enough money.

Yet when I look at Beck’s original statement without any further discourse well he makes sense. Sad thing is in America we like our information distilled down to bite size pieces that don’t require much on our parts…critical thinking is just not that stylish. It’s why when news breaks that a washed up pop star like Ricky Martin admits he is gay (dude…Stevie Wonder could have seen that shit and he has been blind since he was what? 12?) we are far more interested in that news than thinking on a deeper level about the ongoing wars or fact that just that day a couple gals in Moscow decided to blow up a bunch of folks up on the subway.

Look, I admit I am guilty of it too. I recently checked out one of Howard Zinn’s books and returned it unread. Why? I flipped through it and it was just too much to get into. I used to be a fan of Noam Chomsky’s works but in the past 5-6 years I have not read more than half of one of his books. Again, too much work. But in less than a night I have made serious headway into good ole Glen Beck and many other Americans who in the past year and a half have been pumped up by Beck and his admonishment that we take back our country have also read his books and some even watch his show.

Yet without any deeper discussion to separate truth from fiction that is how we get a nation that is splintering itself and I fear headed in a really bad direction. I wish I had an answer…maybe my academic and progressive buddies need to make their books pretty to look at and stop with the big words. I mean thus far I have ran across no words in Beck’s book that make me reach for the dictionary or think hard at all.

Well have a wonderful Wednesday!

The evil one, so they believe

8 Sep

I have been staying away from any hardcore discussion of politics since there are so many bloggers that handle it far better than I am capable of…but with the midnight resignation of Van Jones ( ex-green czar) and the hoopla surrounding President Obama’s speech planned for today to the nation’s schoolchildren. I felt it was time to say something.

First off, I have spent the past several days laid up in bed praying what I had was a bad cold and not a raging case of H1N1 which meant I have had a lot of time to watch tv. Kids, Glen Beck is one crazy motherfucker. I actually rented a video of his and tried to watch it, um…anyone who watches that man on a regular basis and believes him is a few brews short of a six pack. (I know rude as hell, but I have to call it like I see it) Personally I see Beck as an entertainer who would switch sides if it meant more pesos in his pocket, he is a stone cold loon and he admits he doesn’t really consider himself a journalist. He is just a loud-mouth ignoramus.

That said, he is as vicious as a pit bull and as fellow bloggers were reporting he scored a victory this round with the resignation of Van Jones. (feel free to Google if you want back story, too tired to get into it)Though I will say this, um,  Mr. President how come I feel there is a pattern you are developing of throwing folks especially Black folks under the bus? Just a question.

Now to the meat and potatoes, as you probably know by now, Obama is planning a speech to the nation’s school children. A nice stay in school, work hard type of message; this sort of thing has been done before by other presidents and while yeah, there may have been a few Democrats screaming it was a waste of tax payer dollars back when a Republican president was doing it, the outrage was nothing like what we are seeing now.

Oh no! I have watched the news, read the blogs and man oh man, there are some folks who really feel that we are gearing up to live under a socialist regime and that Obama will be subliminally sending messages to the kids via this speech. Um, who really drank the kool-aid? Yet when we take a look at the folks yelling and screaming about Obama and his socialist ways, I have noticed an interesting thing except for a few delusional Blacks that are probably hired, most of the folks yelling are white, they tend to look either very Christian or very working class and are quick to say racism is not an issue.

As my Granny used to say, youse a lie! Look Black folks know though our more liberal white brethren try not to admit it but all this talk of socialism is just a smoke screen. Fact is Obama could be less government more business, free Nascar passes to folks and you know what? People would still hate him, you know why? Because he is Black, technically he is only half Black but in America  we still have that unofficial one drop rule and you are Black so in this case he is pretty damn Black. 

The bottom line is Fox News, Glen Beck and all the crazies out there are exploiting working class white folks fear of the unknown..aka the Black man. Guess what? Its working too, these folks are riled the fuck up and I swear any moment I expect RAHOWAto break out because the real truth is the birthers and the townhall nuts fear change by a Black man. In many cases we are looking at folks old enough to remember when all a Black man could do was shine their shoes and now he is the damn president of the United States. Mind blowing I guess, if you are mind is that small.

So I say, quit lying and stop misusing words like socialism, believe me Obama is hardly radical in fact if I had it my way you would indeed feel a touch of real socialism but in this country that will never happen.

White Privilege is Real

11 Aug

Its a rare event..2 posts in 1 day but I really didn’t want to sleep on this. By now you may have heard about William Kostric, he’d be that fellow up here in my neck of the woods who decided to come out and protest President Obama’s stop in New Hampshire to talk health-care.  Obviously as the media tells us these town halls meetings have been getting a tad heated with the more conservative side getting down right loopy at times…folks talking about no one wanting their health-care rationed despite the fact that generally in this country, if you cease having a job that offers health insurance or you lose the ability to pay for your medical needs, that your coverage is indeed being rationed already. Yet that is whole other post.

No, Mister Kostric decided that things were not hot enough at these meetings without deciding to bring a little heat with him in the form of a 9 mm gun. Now Kostric was outside and apparently nowhere near Obama and according to Kostric in his chat with Chris Matthews he simply believes we should be armed. Again, I don’t even want to get into that at this time (sorry too tired) but am I the only one thinking had this been a Black man armed at a town-hall meeting even outside with a white president that the armed man might be a dead man? Or at the very least an injured or arrested man?

Look, the fact that Kostric thought it sane to bring a loaded gun to a demonstration is beyond crazy. Shit, all these folks screaming and hollering are starting to look crazy…where the fuck were they when Bush, Cheney and company were using the damned Constitution to wipe their asses? Seriously, for 8 years those fellas took away so many of our rights it wasn’t even funny and to boot, Bush was in charge when the economy started tanking. I’ll be honest I am not 100% happy with Obama, shit considering the mess we are in as a nation he is almost too moderate but he is hardly a Socialist.

I gotta be honest and the main point of my vent tonight is that once again we see white privilege at work…the only reason Kostric is chilling at home and giving interviews is because he is a white man. Now I know a lot of the folks who tend to listen to folks like Lou Dobbs and Glen Beck feel that white folks are getting the shaft in the era of Black man as president, but look when Harvard professors get arrested for not deferring to the police yet a white man shows up at town-hall meeting with the damn president of the United States strapped with a fucking 9 mm on his thigh and gets to spend the evening giving interviews afterwards…we have a long way to go with race relations in this country my friend. Sorry Lou and crew but white folks by and large still have privilege since even being a personal buddy of the president won’t stop you from getting arrested when you are Black.