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He did it!!!!

5 Nov

Last night as the numbers started to trickle in, when Obama initially just had 3 electoral votes to McCain’s 8, for a brief moment, I thought shit, they will not let this man win. I got discouraged, yet as we all know now, things quickly changed, yet in the back of my mind, I kept thinking about 2000, we all know how that went. Thankfully the days of elections that never end and need deciding by the courts seem to be behind us at least for this election.

 It wasn’t though until I saw and heard John McCain give his concession speech that I sighed and actually let it sink him that the next president of this country will indeed be a Black man. A country that not all that long ago used to treat Black men lower than dirt and still has lapses of this bad behavior. A country that was founded on the premise that Blacks were inferior and were forced against their will to provide the labor that helped to make America the great country she is yet as a people were denied their humanity.  We have now come full circle, Black folks will inhabit the White House and they won’t be serving anyone. (damn, Michelle and the girls are amazing)

I’m gonna be honest, I have been crying buckets, I’m crying for all who never thought we’d see this day in America. A ceiling did indeed break last night, shit Barack put his foot on it and broke that ceiling down. I have no idea how successful he will be as a president, but based off his track record, it seems that everything he touches turns to gold.

I must admit that even this morning, I am still choked up, I suspect I am not the only one feeling that way today.

Congratulations President-Elect Obama and family. I have no idea what the future holds but today, I just celebrate this victory.

They are all fake

24 Oct

Well I have a little breathing room here today, after breaking down and taking the little one to the doctor yesterday, of course the fever finally broke. Translation, it means Mama has some time to herself today since mini-me was feeling well enough for daycare.

On to world events, or should I say national events. While I will admit that I haven’t started buying the bubbly yet and looking for my dancing shoes just yet, in celebration for what I hope is a historic night November 4. Since I know those sneaky Rethugs will do anything to win, including getting all the damn machines programmed to vote McCain even when the voter punches Obama or some other candidate.

However I am starting to think that their only chance at winning will have to involve since trickery and thievery, since all signs on the ground even in my lilly white state, the blogosphere and the polls indicate that an Obama victory is likely. Now, I will admit I don’t see a landslide but as long as Obama wins that’s all I care about.

Yet what about them Rethugs? Seems ain’t a damn thing about them real. Turns out Sarah must really look like shit since she needed 150G’s worth of clothes, hair and makeup for her and her tribe. Come on, now, you mean to tell a sista the Palins couldn’t afford to go to Men’s Warehouse and get ole Todd a suit or two off the rack? And why the hell did baby Trig need an almost $100 outfit? The 7 year old is lugging around a Louis Vuitton handbag which I hope belongs to Sarah, but still how many average moose hunters even know about a Louis Vuitton bag? Don’t even get me started on the fact that I just read over at Huffington Post that the makeup artist/stylist for Sarah was the highest paid staffer so far this month…

So not only is this bitch empty in the head, she really ain’t that cute? For all that money, you think someone would have given her a better hairstyle, instead they paid an arm and leg to get someone to make her look homespun?? That is shit that makes my mind spin.

Plus I wanna talk about that snippet of interview I caught with Palin and McCain being interviewed by Brian Williams…how come John looked like he wanted to backhand Palin like she was a hoe who had fucked with his money. In fact why did he look like an old pimp? Seriously, he must have some kinda game to convince a young, rich chick to marry his ass back in the day. That’s why he used to be the maverick, shit pimps can talk across the aisles too.  See, John is a player and based off all I have read about him, from his younger days, he was quite the ladies man.

Problem is players get old and generally fade away except in this case, playa wants to be the president which is bad for all of us since he picked a idiot to be his bottom bitch. Normally you a pick a smart bitch to be your bottom bitch but John is getting old.. his game is off. Since its clear that Palin is got stars in her eyes and wants to eventually be John McCain and either be the president herself (should he win or steal this election) or she is positioning herself to try in a few years…2012 anyone?

As further proof that the Republicans are like those dysfunctional family members you see every few years at the family reunion and pray you don’t see again, what’s with  Ashley Todd in Pittsburg? Todd. a McCain supporter claimed she was beat up by an Obama supporter who then carved a B into her face. Of course it was a big Black man who Todd claimed did this horrible act. Turns out she faked the attack, umm… yeah, I could have told you that story was about at phony as a $3 bill. Of course Todd was white, and when you inject the big Black man, the story grows wings.

So not only is McCain not really a maverick, just a washed up old playa, his running mate is an empty bobble-head who must dress like shit for the RNC to spend that type of cash to spruce her ass up, of course maybe the handlers realized she was too stupid to speak so they figured if they prettied her up, we’d all get razzled, dazzled with her charms and just forget that when she opens her mouth nothing comes out. Then their damn supporters in addition to having the market cornered on public ignorance decided to add false police reports to the mix.

Nope it seems there is nothing of substance coming out of the Republican camp these days, if there ever was anything of substance it was a long time ago.

Have a good weekend all, I am off in search of Halloween costumes for me and mini-me.

Random Monday Babble

20 Oct

My daughter is under the weather today in that way that happens to kids, so my work week is starting off a tad slow, so no real post today since at the moment she is on the couch and I only have a quick moment to post.

For starters, I am so happy that Colin Powell decided to endorse Obama, I think for those among us who like to think, he gave us a lot to chew on with his words. Hopefully this coupled with the record shattering 150 million the Obama campaign raised in September is proof that the Hope Express may really have a chance at winning the election.

I am honest, I am not doing the happy dance until November 5. Right now while the polls are looking good, what really matters though is that folks go out and vote, we cannot get complacent, every vote counts. In fact I am thinking I may utilize early voting for the first time ever because I am paranoid and don’t want to chance anything happening that might prevent me from voting like illness, etc.

So public service announcement of the day is vote, vote early, vote now. Whatever you do, don’t put it off.  We must show the McNasty-Palin folks that there are plenty of Americans that love this country no matter how flawed she is and that we don’t want that vile hate and shit they are trying to sell to our less informed countrymen and women. Lets send Sarah and her rag tag crew back to Alaska so that Todd can continue with his plans to secede from the country and ole John back to Arizona where maybe he can get back to more pressing issues like taking up golf to help with his anger management problem.

On a more personal note, Blackgirl got a job offer after 18 months of being self-employed and doing my Rick Ross hustling imitation, I will be going back to the land of regular employment with hopefully a regular paycheck.

Have a great Monday!

Whose the real terrorist?

17 Oct

Its Friday and I am in a rambling mood, so bear with me as I turn the vent on full force. I was out having my morning butt and thinking about all the articles and videos I have seen coming from the McCain-Palin camp of folks who voice their concerns about Obama being linked to terrorist.

It was about midway through my butt when it dawned on me that folks should look a little closer to home and consider the fact that we have a terrorist in our midst known as the US government and their jacked up fiscal ways that are terrorizing us all right about now.

Seriously, wasn’t it not long after 9/11 when the chief idiot in charge started prompting the American simpletons to do their patriotic duties and help boost the US economy, translation spend children, spend… who cares that you have no way to really pay for anything (um, that small pesky fact that wages have been stagnant or dropped by 2K depending on who you get the news from). No, we must show those evil bastards that we will not be stopped, so shop to your hearts content.

Like good patriotic folks, we commenced to shopping and shopping. Those of us who could bought houses, no mere starter homes, no we need at least 3500 square feet. We bought really large cars too, that drank a ton of gas, we upgraded our homes, we went to the mall, we drank Starbucks every day, in short we had a lot of fun.

Only problem is that the good times could not keep coming because eventually shit comes out and well the truth is most of us didn’t have the real dollars to finance all this patriotic living we have been doing. Now the financial giants, well they aided us in our stupidity by playing all kinds of financial trickery but much like a pregnancy you try to hide from your parents when you are 16, eventually you start to show and well that’s where we are now.

The funny thing is when all of us were in our collective daze many years ago pretending to live a cozy middle class life, no one realized that all the safety nets like bankruptcy had been yanked from underneath us. Of course no good American needs a handout, by goodness that’s for losers. So laws were changed and no one except the lawyers and folks who study poverty raised a ruckus, but we didn’t  care.

Fast forward to recent weeks and the implosion of the US economy with Paulson running around declaring the world was ending, he needed 700 billion dollars. After much fuss, he got the money and now it looks like that money is still not enough to save our asses.

Funny thing is we are bailing out humans who worked at corporations that made way more money than I will ever make, one could say the bailout was just a mere example of socialism. Since ultimately the gubment is taking our money, that’s mister and missus taxpayer and pumping it into organizations that were just a tad greedy. Yet to hear folks like the now infamous Joe the Plumber who isn’t really a plumber out of Ohio, he wants no parts of it. Um, but you are a registered Republican and you seem to be leaning McCain’s way which is essence supports big corporations getting more and more while you get less and since you have tax liens on you, I am gonna make a big guess, your ass really don’t have much either.

No, it seems the US government has hoodwinked us, they have lead many of us down the path of financial ruins in the name of country, provided us with no safety nets and then want to take more of our money so that folks at AIG can have fancy ass meetings. What is wrong with this picture? Shit, I feel like I am the one being terrorized by our government.

The jacked up thing is if the average middle class person needed debt relief via bankruptcy, you would have to jump through so many hoops its not even funny. In fact the laws have changed so that everything about you would be looked at, financially speaking that is. Lets just say that if you tried to file bankruptcy and your accounting records showed that your average ass had just had a lavish trip, you can expect your request for bankruptcy relief might hit a roadblock. Yet when you are a big ass corporation you can plead broke and get millions of dollars despite the fact your records show you are fiscally stupid. Look AIG should have had that meeting at their office or the middle of a park since they are  broke as hell.

Nope, we the average folks get played by the gubment who in essence financially terrorizes us and we sit in quiet compliance. I ask you whose the real terrorist?

Have a good weekend!

Terrorist is the new N-Word

10 Oct

Can I just say that after viewing several you-tube videos as well as footage from a McCain-Palin rally that I am really scared as well as depressed by the state of our nation and the folks who reside in this nation. Yesterday, I saw some footage outside a rally in Strongville, OH that showed folks who were very proud to wallow in their ignorance when it comes to Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama.

Folks proudly and angrily declared that Obama is a terrorist, its in his bloodline, one woman in  particular a blond chick was almost foaming at the mouth with hatred towards Obama. Other footage I saw yesterday included folks saying that Obama would lead us into socialism and communism. (yo dumb asses, that bank bailout is a slippery slope away from capitalism, are you aware of that?) Folks screaming that the organization ACORN  is responsible for the housing crisis that has now morphed into the credit and financial crisis. Implication being that the Negros aka the darkies are responsible for this shit.

Talk about a lot of half-baked theories not rooted in any type of reality. However aside from the one Negro in Wisconsin ( a mister James T Harris by the way, conservative radio talk show host) who needs his Black card immediately revoked, all the folks spewing with this anger were all white. Which leads me to wonder and guess is the word terrorist the new nigger. See, we are all scared of terrorists and the powers to be would have us to believe that all terrorists are folks with dark skin. Never mind that America herself has given birth to many crazy ass white folks who we could call terrorists (Timothy McVeigh, anyone?). When a white person slips and goes crazy well its just a blip, ya know how it is.

No, the McCain-Palin camp recognizes that fear of race and fear of the unknown is still real in this country so while they know they can’t just come out and call Obama a nigger, and tell folks to fear the nigger. They can and are saying fear the terrorist, fear the dark one and sadly their supporters are buying it, in fact they are gobbling it up like a hungry person. Problem is that is this is some scary shit, these folks are so fearful of the dark one, the “terrorist” that they don’t even care that voting for McCain and his winged she bitch will only make their working class financial plight worse. No, anything is better than a terrorist aka a nigger.

Now I bet anything these same folks who are fearful of Obama with no basis in reality would be quick to say that they aren’t racist, of course not. I mean even the hardcore racists know you can’t come out and say you hate Black folks, but you can come out and say you hate terrorists who in most simple American minds are non-white folks.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all McCain supporters are racist, shit I have one friend who is a lifelong Republican in fact this political season we aren’t even talking about this election because its too heated. I believe folks have the right to vote for whoever they want, but damn use some common sense and don’t let your choices be based in fear and ignorance. Have a reasonable reason for voting the way you do, know the issues, not just the regurgitated Fox News sound bytes…

No, as I drank my coffee this morning, the ole commercials from the United Negro College Fund came to mind ” A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste” Sadly in America looks like a lot of minds are being wasted and that could very well be our downfall.

Wow….folks really are simple

3 Oct

Today I had a client meeting with one of my clients. At the end of the meeting, the presidential election came up since they had a board meeting scheduled for November 4, and I replied that they might want to reconsider. Now generally I don’t talk politics with clients since I never know what anyone’s political leanings are, but there is one woman, an older white woman on the team that I deal with, who during primary season was gung-ho for Obama. So on my way out the door, I started making small talk about Obama figuring it was safe to do so.

Why the fuck did I do that? It seems this woman was now on the fence, as she told me she was confused, not sure she could trust what Obama was talking about anymore and she really liked Sarah Palin. It took everything in my being to not go are you fucking crazy? So we continued making small talk and she confessed its not that she liked McCain but that she really though Palin brought a lot to the table but at the same time she thought maybe Sarah might be playing political games. Um….hell to the yeah. Apparently this woman had watched the debate last night between Biden and Palin and was really wowed by Sarah. I must admit it took everything for me to not ask this woman what her IQ was, yeah, I know I sound like a asshole but having watched that debate, I still don’t know much about Palin. Since it seems she don’t like to answer questions at a debate, instead she does her own thing which might have been cute until she hinted at the fact that like Cheney she wants a lot of power.

Let me say this one time loud and clear, folks this bitch is nuttier than a fruitcake, she has now tasted a bit of the power trip kool-aid and she wants more. She wants her and First Dude to fly first class and be treated like royalty along with that passel of rug-rats and and grand rug-rat on the way. This bitch wants power and that is scary, I hate Dick Cheney, he is evil personified but I swear folks, if that bitch gets elected whose to say she won’t throw some poisoned moose meat on McCain’s plate so she can ascend to the throne. Yeah, I know I sound crazy but that bitch got the crazy glint in her eye and the fact that when she answers questions referring to the founding fathers scares my black ass.

Kids, we got to vote, we got to get every eligible human who can vote to vote and vote for Barack Obama. No, I don’t think Obama is going to be super savior, frankly I think if he’s elected he won’t do half of what he thinks he will but I feel reasonably comfortable that we won’t end up in more wars and that at least we might start repairing the damage done by Bush-Cheney. Yet you can bet on this, if McCain-Palin win, we will have more of what we have lived with and maybe even worse. Since heaven help us if McCain kicks the bucket and Palin takes over she may start saying God has called her to wage war against who knows who. Not pretty.

As for the woman I was talking to, I reminded her that unless she makes a ton of money (she doesn’t) she won’t have to worry about paying more in taxes. Fact is this very organization which is a non-profit could be fucked under McCain and the fact that 2 other staffers there have McCain leanings is pretty damn scary to me. Working in the non-profit sector, dependent on grants and government funding should make folks realize that certain folks if elected could jeopardize their very livelihood. We are truly a nation of simple minded ass folks. No ability to connect dots or think critically.

Anyway that’s my Friday public announcement, have a great weekend!

Friday Ramble

26 Sep

Tis Friday which means its time for me to wind down for the week. Looks like McCain will indeed show up for the debate, so hopefully I can steal some TV time away from the girl child to catch this debate. Speaking of the election and world happenings, it seems another bank bit the dust. Bye-Bye WAMU, you assholes turned me down for a card last year and now you are no more… guess I didn’t need that card anyway.

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, how come every time you open your mouth up, you just dig a deeper hole of possibly being dumber than the current president. I caught the second part of Palin’s interview with Katie Couric this morning and nearly dumped my coffee all over the keyboard. Any moment I expected Palin to do an ole school “Sike” and really answer the fucking questions. I was at a blog this morning where the blogger said that despite Palin’s fancy clothes, hair, glasses, and make-up, she really belongs in a trailer park, now I know not all trailer park residents are dumber than bricks but Palin is pretty fucking stupid. Instead of getting the cliff notes for questions, someone needs to give her a primer of World Events 101 for the past 20 years… I mean when the Rethugs themselves start publicly and loudly declaring she is not right for the gig, well you know its bad.

Anyway today’s post is short since the spousal unit and I are cutting our respective work days short to steal a little time together before we free mini- me from the child work place known as daycare/preschool. Rain is projected all this weekend here in Maine, but I am hoping I can keep my promise to myself to keep off the computer when its not an actual work day, instead planning to connect with family and friends.

Have a happy weekend and see ya on Monday. If the world keeps going as its been lately, maybe only one more financial institution will go belly-up this weekend and the debates will actually yield something positive. Peace out!

What is this? The Twilight Zone

25 Sep

Ok, with all the world happenings, its time to take a break from talking about me and my life and rant about the world at large. Is it just me, or is anyone else starting to feel like we are living in some extended episode of the Twilight Zone?

Seriously, we all knew that when it became clear that Obama had a real chance at winning back in the primaries when he was up against Hills that this was going to be one for the history books. Then when he actually got the nomination and the convention happened, we knew it was going to be exciting or at the very least interesting as hell. Yet who knew that McCain was going to start getting nuttier than a fruitcake first by picking Sarah”dumb ass” Palin, and now this latest stunt, suspend the campaign. Um, dawg the election is what 39-40 days a way, now is not the time to suspend shit. In fact an intelligent person might say its a good time to show us (that would be the American simpletons) what you working with, give us some insight into your game plan. No, it is not the time to take a time out. In fact taking a time out right now looks bad, but I suspect the Rethugs will spin this shit so that in the end Obama will look power hungry and they will remind us that ole John is all about “Country First” as his motto tell us.

Maybe he is taking a break because well this is a man that up until a few days ago truly  believed the economy was fundamentally strong, but wait then he told us it was the American worker who was strong… um, which is it? Or are you having a senior moment?

Don’t even get me started on Bernanke and Paulson who are now trying to beg for the bailout otherwise the country will be fucked..newsflash mutha fucker, the average American is already screwed, I say if Wall Street gets a bailout where is my bailout? I am sure that pesky bill collector would be happy if I could pay him but guess what I don’t have any cash and ya know what, I am learning to live within my means. Yeah, I got a collector or two calling me these days, see when I lost my job last year and the family income took a nosedive Mr. Visa and Mr Discover didn’t want the $10 a month I offered, so they sent a sista to collections. I will pay them but right now my priority is on keeping the basics, you know shelter, lights, food etc taken care of and whatever else left goes to the collectors alas I am not paying as fast as they would like, but what can I do? After all I doubt I am alone, but for average Joe/Jane we can’t get a bailout and that silly stimulus they gave us was basically gone before it got here, in my case it saved me from owing a ton more to the IRS. See no bailouts for us simpletons means I am gonna have to fix the old car rather than getting a newer one. See, once upon a time in America we were not a nation of consumers, we actually produced something, now we have an economy based on consumption and now the average Joe is realizing we can’t keep up. Call me crazy, but maybe its time for a collective shift in how we do things.

Back in the old days, eating out was a treat, not a right. Shopping is what you did when you needed something not because you were bored and no one outside of the hip cats and artists drank espressos and they weren’t served at places as ubiquitous as Starbucks. No espresso to go, you went to the place and sat down and drank it. Now $5 drinks are all the norm or least they were before average Joe’s realized they needed to start cutting back.

I’m not saying the market needs to crash and burn but rather we need to make a fundamental shift back to living within our means and not getting caught up. Right now this bailout is intended to get the markets flowing, it seems credit is getting harder to get for Joe Sixpack, I don’t know maybe that is not a bad thing. Hell, when I was young you saved your ducats and bought when you had the money, you wanted a house, you saved until you had at least 20% down, not no money down. Sorry but buying a house with no cash down is just a fancy form of renting IMO.

So while the powers to be are all screaming the economy is screwed, tell me something I didn’t already know. As for McCain, guess the big question is will he show up for the debate or will he call up like he did David Letterman with some bullshit excuse.

Nope, I dare say this country is starting to look like some strange episode of the Twilight Zone, where the rich get even richer and everyone else barely gets by. Where the fat cats on Wall Street are screaming they need help, yet just 2 years ago folks at the same firms going belly-up were getting bonuses that were equal to the town budget in places like Maine.

In any event we have 39 more days of fun shit before we find out who will lead us out of this mess we are in thanks to the Bush-Cheney regime.

Sarah..the secret weapon

4 Sep

So last night I stayed up (damn near fell asleep) to catch the GOP’s vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin give her speech. I daresay that after having to endure Mike Huckabee’s bad attempt at humor (glad to know he got some real soap when he went to college), I almost turned off the tv but I must say I am glad I waited to catch Mizz Sarah’s debut on the world stage.

Houston, we may have a problem. Notice I did not say we have one, I said we may have one. See after spending all weekend wondering what the fuck was goings on in McNasty’s mind, after seeing the multi-talented Sarah on stage, I now see why he chose her. Screw getting Hillary’s angry ass supporters, no Sarah speaks to the that rather large group that my boy Obama just cannot seem to wrap his arms around. Sarah speaks directly to that group that says, well the Repubs got nothing for me but damn it, I don’t know about that Negra with the funny name. Never mind that the reality is that both Michelle and Barack Obama’s life stories are the stories this country was built on.. pull yourself up by your boot straps. Problem is Obama and Michelle, I suspect like me, you won’t ever catch them hunting anything, to middle America they just seem different. But Sarah, she is like every-woman (actually a women at the redneck hoedown did say say Sarah was like every woman), even down to the bad ass kids she can’t control.

Damn it, I think even the pregnant daughter story might actually work to her and McNasty’s good. See the folks they hope to capture, are the kinda folks whose kids do go to the military and maybe even have babies early. McNasty maybe you are not the senile fool, I thought you were but you are still crazy as hell.

Now thinking folks know Sarah didn’t say shit of substance, for a nobody she came out talking shit and reading her lines the way the fancy scriptwriters told her, and while it may laughable to even think she could actually help McNasty win, remember that most Americans are not critical thinkers. Gas is $4 a gallon and folks don’t want to hear that they have to change their lifestyle, in other words stop pushing the whip when you are only going a mile away from home. So when we hear drilling that sounds good as hell, fuck the fact that its a short term solution at best. People don’t wanna hear that, and McNasty and Sarah surely won’t make folks listen to that nonsense, by all means drill and lets create new energy sources. Clearly neither Sarah or McNasty are familiar with James Howard Kunstler, maybe they should google him and get a better understanding about how life in America will eventually be, but that’s another post.

Nope, Sarah has a spunkiness that definitely came through, kinda like a Norma Ray. In that speech I saw at least 2 maybe 3 different persona’s, scrappy fighter woman, shit-talker and them just every day Mom and wife whose just been with her guy for 2 decades and 5 kids.

All this to say that Obama, me and you may not see eye to eye on all the issues but I want you to win, look maybe you need to look a sista up in Maine, see I am originally from the Chi-town but after years in Maine, I know how to connect with small town folks. I think you need some lessons on how to connect, maybe we can get on a boat and catch some lobster, imagine that photo op. All jokes aside, the Obama campaign has just received notice that they cannot be caught sleeping because Sarah’s mission is to assist in getting that working class vote that would escape a guy like Obama and maybe even McCain and not to be a pessimist, but I think she’s got a shot.

More observations on the redneck hoedown later, but its early here in Maine so time to drink my coffee.

What was she thinking, better yet what was he thinking?

2 Sep

Come on now, you know the kid couldn’t resist getting in on the discussion about Sarah Palin. Seriously as busy as I have been seeing off elder child and working on deadline, I have been paying attention to the news. Damn, McNasty must have been hard up to pick Sarah Palin. Its a shame I am not a Rethuglican since I am almost certain that I am more qualified for the VP slot then ole Sarah, plus I am not about to be a granny at an insanely young age either.

All jokes aside, when I first heard he picked Sarah, I though, wow! However once I heard the rumors about how the last baby she had a few months ago might be her daughter’s, I got confused and thought I was watching a bad Lifetime flick entitled Mama’s Love or some shit like that. Then yesterday when I heard that her 17 yo daughter Bristol was pregnant, I nearly fell out my chair and started wondering what the fuck were these folks thinking?

Seriously, anybody who would sign up to play second banana to McCain pretty much knows that should he win, the man is old and with a history of cancer could kick the bucket on the job, thus catapulting the second banana into a starring role as leader of the free world. That said, might it be a good idea to pick someone whose not embroiled in their own version of a soap opera… rumors of babies that aren’t really yours, pregnant teens, ethics investigations. All things that say to me, maybe if I had that type of shit going on in my life, maybe trying to VP is a bad idea.

Now I hear the Evangelicals are trying to spin this into a positive, poor Bristol is human, yep I agree and like all humans she is flawed. I got that. However aren’t these the same assholes who would be talking greasy if this were a poor girl of color, placing blame on loose morals? 

However since I am on deadline, I need to wrap this up but not before I pose the question that has been driving me crazy, what kind of Mama would be so eager to take on a job, that she would sacrifice her own kids? IMO someone who shouldn’t be trying to lead or be in charge of shit. See, I know this is a private family matter and while Obama may want to take the high road on this matter, as others have stated, if this was one of Obama’s girls, the Republicans would be all over this like white on rice, trying to assassinate Barack and Michelle’s character. Yet because its a hard working Christian Mama its ok? I call bullshit on that.

No Sarah, you ain’t fooling no one with the look of being super Mama, willing to deliver speeches and fly 13 hours to have your baby after your water broke. Beyotch please, after my water broke, all I wanted to do was lay down and moan… who in their right mind gets on a plane bypassing a zillion hospitals to have a baby 13 hours away. Um, nobody, at least no one sane unless they were trying to plan a clever ruse to claim their daughter’s baby as their own. However maybe I am wrong and you just really liked your OB in Alaska, If it turns out I am wrong, well I will kick the butts for a day. How about that?

With regards to Bristol, I hope she really loves her baby’s daddy and isn’t being forced into a marriage that is the result of a youthful indiscretion all because Mommy is a pro-life wack job that believes in marriage.

As for McCain, I hope Sarah ain’t got no more secrets in the closet otherwise your plan to land the PUMAS is really going wrong. Though I can’t help wondering when you looked at Sarah, in her naughty librarian getup where you looking for a little side action from Cindy’s ice queen routine?